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Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

All of our in stock items are located in our warehouse in Pottstown, PA. You are always welcome to collect for free during business hours.

We generally do not ship directly from Europe to your USA address, or vice versa. Our container shipments come directly to our warehouses, and are then sent out from there.

Free shipping

Many of our items are free shipping within the continental US. If you would like shipping outside of the lower 48, please reach out to us at for a quote.

Oversized items

Oversized items, such as bumpers, hatches, body panels, require a custom shipping quote.  Since these are big-ass items the price to ship it can vary wildly depending on where you're located, and sometimes extra-large items need to be shipped via freight. We provide shipping quotes on oversized items so you get the most cost effective and accurate pricing possible.  If you purchase an oversized shipping item without getting a shipping quote prior to purchase, we'll reach out to you to work out the shipping. If there is no response in 3 days your purchase will automatically be refunded. 


We prefer to ship using recycled and repurposed boxes and packaging. We have a local source for heavy duty cardboard boxes which we use exclusively for large items. Don't be surprised when there's a another international companies logos on the boxes - we're saving them from a landfill and saving everyone money.


We ship using FedEx, USPS and freight. We always request tracking and insurance for the value of the item, or the maximum limit if below that. Under no circumstances can glass be insured.  We also cannot ship airbags.

If you suspect a item has been damaged during shipping please do not accept the package without noting it! You may be required to supply photographs and other proof to file a insurance claim - you must be able supply these or else we will not be able to help.


Special orders cannot be returned. Used parts are sold as-is, or where stated with a 14 day return for parts exchange/repair. No warranty or other statement covers damages or expenses for labor, loss of income, or any other damages or costs. New parts have a 14 day return policy. A restocking fee of up to 25% may be applicable.

Crowd Shipping

We are offering a new service to help you get hte parts you want at even cheaper price.  For select shows, we will offer free shipping to the event for your purchased made website, email, or phone.  We call it "Crowd Shipping."  Here's how it works:

Simply place your order for any elligible in-stock items and select the show you want to collect at the in the checkout page, or mention it to us when you order.

Your order will be put together with the others that are going to the same show.  As long as we meet the minimum total order (usually around US $2500), we'll transport your parts to the show where you can collect them with no shipping charges. 

  • What if the minimum isn't met?  If the minimum order amount isn't met to fund the Crowd Shipping option, we will contact you to offer regular shipping options or a full refund.
  • What if I can't make it to the show I selected?  Please give a friend your invoice and ask them to collect.  Or your parents.  Or your dog.  If you cannot collect it the part will either be left at the venue, or disposed of, and you will be liable for collecting it.  So please make sure you can collect it!
  • Can I help to make sure my stuff will ship for free?  Sure!  Please tell you friends, your car club members, your Instagram followers- the more people that know and buy parts for the show delivery the more likely we are to be able to get you some awesome free shipping.
  • Can I return/exchange one of my items?  Yes, absolutely, but you will need to ship it or bring it to the Orchid Euro warehouse in Pottstown, PA and are responsible for all costs of shipping.
  • Can I cancel my order?  Unfortunately the orders cannot be cancelled as they form an importation part of the Crowd Shipping process.
  • Is anything excluded from this offer?  Most things are a-ok for Crowd Shipping.  Any in-stock body panels, lights, seats, wheels, etc are included.  Seriously!  It can cost several hundred dollars to ship some of these large items so we hope this helps makes your purchases even more awesome.  However, some things are excluded or may incur a small charge due to their size, including but not limited to: Right Hand Drive Conversions, engines, special order items or container shipping items, cars, dogs, Philly cheese steaks, etc.  Please contact us for more info!
  • How can I tell if we're close to the Crowd Shipping target? Right now you'll need to call or email us to ask, sorry.  We can't give personal information about other orders but we can give you an idea if we're close to the target.
  • Anything else I should know?  This is meant to be fun and a way for us to help attendees of some awesome event that we might not have been able to do so before.  There is some fine print, but not much. Orchid Euro LLC reserves the right to cancel, refuse, modify, or revoke this offer at any time. Orchid Euro LLC is not responsible for any shipping delays or other shipping costs, nor any damage, theft, insurance, injury, personal, or financial loss, or any other matter incurred during, or after, any transaction relating to the offer.