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IMPORTANT NOTE, August 9, 2022

We are accepting and processing car shipments from Germany to the USA. 

Our shipping routes are running close to schedule, although we are seeing some variability when compared to pre-2020.

Parts Shipments are still suspended. 

In 2021 we made the decision not to import ocean containers, due to the wildly fluctuating costs of shipping and logistics. I'm sad to say that we are now no longer accepting new orders, nor customers for browsing at our location. As I refocus our business efforts, I will continue to sell our remaining parts in stock in the USA as my time allows, but am suspending the online website sales so as to manage customer expectations.

Due to the travel restrictions internationally it's simply not been possible to find and load parts in Europe and elsewhere in the world. I spent much of 2020 attempting to find alternative methods of safely and securely continuing my supply chain, which did not prove fruitful.

Every single Euro hatch or seat or light that Orchid Euro has sold since day 1 has been loaded and processed and handled in person with me right there in whatever country that may be. I have always been driven by a desire to do this to make sure everything arrives in the condition in which it was found and was promised, but that couldn't happen in 2020/21, so it was time for tough changes.

All items that are currently on order or awaiting container shipments will be processed as quickly as possible - , and I'm not saying goodbye, just hello to some new opportunities within the same amazing car community, and that I'll help again when I'm able to again.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forwards to seeing you at events and gatherings some time in the future, whenever that may be.




How to find us:

Please feel to contact us via email at 

Our address is 843 Queen Street, Pottstown, PA 19464

We are operating by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Face masks are 100% mandatory at our premises. Please text us at 484-483-4636 to ensure that someone is available to assist you. We are often available on weekends and evenings for pick-ups and walk-ins if we know in advance.

Also, if you are driving here please turn onto Queen St from Montgomery or Keim St. Do NOT use Eden St., your car will thank you.