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Right Hand Drive

We are the leading supplier of OEM VW front clips for Right Hand Drive conversions for your North American market car.

Here's our basic questionnaire that we need completed before ordering, which shows some of the many options:
  • Model (i.e. VW Golf 4) :
  • Dashboard Color (i.e. black) :
  • Carpet Color (i.e. beige):
  • Air Conditioning (rare in early cars) : Yes / No / Not Bothered
  • Power Steering (very common in Europe): Yes / No / Not Bothered
  • ABS Braking (older=rare newer=very common): Yes / No / Not Bothered
  • Door cards Requested? : Yes / No¬† If Yes, please specify power windows etc, color and material.
  • Would you like a new RHD Heater Core supplied? : Yes / No
  • Any other RHD parts supplied new or used? Please list :
  • Do you need your clip delivered in the USA, or will you collect it from our warehouse in Pottstown,PA? :
  • Any other items that you need (bumpers, seats etc?) :
  • Any other questions ? :

This is the basic information that we need to get started with your order, but is not a definitive list. The clips are supplied with all dashboard related items, heating system, steering systems, fuse panel, interior and light wiring harnesses, RHD specific carpet, wiper motor and wipers, and so much more! They do not include non-RHD specific items or items that are specifically not transferable to your swap, such as engine/ecu/wiring, gauge cluster, wheels, body panels etc.

It is important that you check your local and state regulations on converting your car, and for cars less than 25 years old we specifically supply parts only (not complete cars).

We require a 50% deposit at time of ordering, and collection & final payment within 14 days of arrival at our Pottstown, Pennsylvania warehouse. We can arrange delivery or pallet loading for your own freight company at additional cost but please ask first before relying on it, rather than panicking once it's arrived.