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We're living this stuff too.

We may not do installation work at Orchid Euro (there's enough great companies doing that already) but we do try to find time to build our own projects.

Checker VW Rabbit Prototype (July 2019)

Almost lost the annuls of time, this specific car was the result of a proposed partnership between the Checker Car Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the Volkswagen USA factory in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. Only one prototype of the extended wheelbase Rabbir was made, and we found it in storage in Michigan.


Brazilian Saviero Challenge (Nov 2018)

The VW Saveiro light pickup truck is a model offered by VW Brasil to this day, which this one being a 1989 Model. We traveled to Brazil and in partnership with Castor Suspension rebuild a used truck to a show stopper for the 2018 BGT show near Sao Paulo.



Rallywagen (June 2018)

Drive a Mk5 Sportwagen to the Arctic Circle.  Seems simple enough, right?  This project was in conjunction with ECS Tuning as a creative way to test their skid plate, and what a better text than road trip a super slammed wagon around the US, up through Western Canada, then in to Alaska and 414 miles of the unpaved Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, AK.  There were a few mishaps including a tear in the gas tank, but all in all it made it!

Caddy Van USA

This project was one hell of a build!  The experience was really closer to being a car manufacturer than a car modifier.  It began an a brand new empty Caddy van shell that was bought in Wolfsburg. Germany, brought to the USA, and assembled completely from scratch.  After gobs of research, lots of trial and error, and thousands of part numbers down to every single nut and bolt, we were happy to display this car at SEMA in 2017.

South African Citi Golf Challenge (Jan 2018)

This challenge was to ship a 3.6L VR5 engine from the USA to South Africa and build a complete Mk1 Golf show car in a total of 5 days.  In Africa.  Then drive it first to a show, then 1,000 miles to a VW South Africa port where it was shipped to Europe!  It happened, Jamie lived to tell the tale.  Find out more about it here.

Jamie's 1993 VW Fox

16v engine, Jenvey Throttle Bodies, Megasquirt, Handbuilt Coilovers, Borbet Type-T's

Greenland Polo Project

Bought as a stripped Military Surplus vehicle, it had previously been used by the US Air Force in Thule, Greenland. Full build thread on