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As of January 1st, 2021 we are currently NOT accepting any special orders, including requests for parts importation. I have always taken pride in hand loading every part in every container shipment ourselves since day 1, by traveling to Europe personally. At this time we are unable to do this, and so have made the difficult decision to focus on other parts of our business currently. 

If you currently have a part with us in Europe, we are working on a single alternative method of shipping now that it is clear that the travel delays will not be ending soon. I sincerely thank you for your understanding.










Handling charge per delivery received (can be multiple boxes in a single shipment at same cost):

    Standard packages: $30.00
    Signed-for packages: $45.00
    Collect at Terminal packaged $100.00
    Freight / Pallet delivery direct to our warehouse: $150.00 if scheduled time, $250.00 if scheduled day or oversize.
      Optional: Basic inspection and one photograph of item received $25.00

            • Small sized bumper skin or lip $125.00
              • Example: Golf 1 bumper with no rebar
            • Medium sized Bumper, or small bumper with metal support $175.00
              • Example: Golf 3 front bumper or Golf 2 bumper with metal
            • Large sized bumper $350.00
              • Example: Golf 4 R32 bumper, Jetta 3 rear bumper
            • Very large sized or fragile bumper - Please contact us for details
              • Example: Beetle RSI bumper, Audi RS rear bumper


            • 13-14 inch up to 6 inch wide, set of 4, no tires $225.00
            • 15-16 inch up to 7 inch wide, set of 4, no tires $325.00
            • 17-18 inch upto 8 inch wide, set of 4, no tires $425.00
            • 19 inch or larger - Please contact us.

              Up to 2 inches wider than shown, add $100 per set of four

      Up to 4 inches wider than shown add $200 per set of four

                With used tires, please add $125 for 50 profile or smaller, $175 for 55 profile or larger. Contact us for off-road/large tires.
                All tires MUST be DOT approved or you will be charged for their removal and disposal.


        For cars 25 years or older since production or first registration only, with original motor and standard ride height!

                  • Complete running 25+ year old car, with foreign title: $2,600.00
                    • Non-running car or incomplete 25+ year old car, with foreign title: $3,500.00

            Car importation prices include export and import paperwork, title translation, US DOT paperwork and US import duty filing etc, as applicable.

                    • Steering wheel, including airbag: $110.00
                      • Other small items, please use $50.00 per cubic foot for a approximate quote, and contact us with weight and dimensions for a proper quote, thank you.

                                We will only accept used car parts for this service, and make no statements regarding on or off road use. You as the purchaser, are the buyer and requesting importer. No personal items or anything other than the item being shipped can be handled. Sometimes buyers like to include a gift such as candy with their eBay packages - although well intentioned this is not acceptable unfortunately, and any additional items will be refused or disposed of, and you may be charged for this. Every item must be clean and ready for Customs inspection etc as needed.

                  We reserve all rights for this service, and reserve the right to discontinue or refuse the service at any time, not limited to a individual package if received in bad condition or with foreign contaminants on them. A cleaning or preparation fee may be applicable, if at all possible. If a item cannot be handled or shipped, the purchaser will have the option to pay for handling and shipping back to the seller, or for it to be disposed off. No warranties, guarantees, rights or other promises are provided in regards to these offers, and pricing, timing and all other aspects related are subject to change and discontinuation. We do not offer tracking; it is not possible due to the consolidated shipping, but we can provide updates manually as or when requested. We do not offer insurance; you may be able to purchase transit or buyers insurance from a third party, and we do explicitly recommend this for complete vehicles. All items must be received well protected and packaged, ready for handling and consolidated international shipping. Thank you.