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Euro Mk3 Golf/Jetta Rear Bumper Rebar - $100

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These are OEM Rear European rebars, which are standard equipment on European market Mk3 cars. We import them in good used condition so they're ready to bolt onto your USA car when fitting Euro bumpers - please do note there is almost certainly a small to medium amount of surface rust.

OEM and some aftermarket rear Euro bumpers have 'shelf' inserts inside the bumper skins, which are designed to rest on the flat top section of these rebars for additional support.

The rebars are the same for Golfs and Jettas. Please note that in Europe the rebars are fixed onto the body using four M8 bolts which are bonded onto the body from the factory. There are four mounting points, which slide onto the bolts and then secured with nuts. Your USA market car may have four, three or NONE of these bolts! You have the option of bonding them on, spot welding them, or drilling mounting holes around the OEM USA mounting holes to pass bolts through.

For ease of mounting it is secured by the bottom two holes on the rebar bolted through the body. The OEM method in Europe is to have four bolts bonded onto the outside of the body - this is also a suitable method.

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