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MK3 Golf CL Euro Hatch

$375.00 $450.00

CL Golf Euro Hatch in red. OEM used hatch in good condition with lock hardware and plinth. This hatch has some scratches along the top of the CL glass, which is why it is discounted. 

There may be some minor rust around the license plate holes and there are some minor scratches from normal use.  On this hatch there is a section of scrapes on the paint just above the glass and a small ding just below the license plate.  See pics for issues, although you have to look closely to see and there's a bit of glare.  

Wiper arms and motors removed for shipping. Your U.S. arms and motors will install without issue.

**This oversized item requires a custom shipping quote.  For shipping quotes, please contact us at or 484-483-4636.*