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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Returns

All of our in stock items are located in our warehouse in Pottstown, PA. You are always welcome to collect for free during business hours.

We generally do not ship directly from Europe to your USA address, or vice versa. Our container shipments come directly to our warehouses, and are then sent out from there.

We prefer to ship using recycled and repurposed boxes and packaging. We have a local source for heavy duty cardboard boxes which we use exclusively for large items. Don't be surprised when there's a another international companies logos on the boxes - we're saving them for a landfill and saving everyone money.

We ship using FedEx and USPS. We always request tracking and insurance for the value of the item, or the maximum limit if below that. On no circumstances can glass be insured.

If you suspect a item has been damaged during shipping please do not accept the package without noting it! You may be required to supply photographs and other proof to file a insurance claim - you must be able supply these or else we will not be able to help.

Special orders cannot be returned. Used parts are sold as-is, or where stated with a 14 day return for parts exchange/repair. No warranty or other statement covers damages or expenses for labor, loss of income, or any other damages or costs. New parts have a 14 day return policy. A restocking fee of up to 25% may be applicable.