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We're living this stuff too.
We may not do installation work at Orchid Euro (there's enough great companies doing that already) but we do try to find time to build our own projects.

South African Citi Golf Challenge
To ship a 3.6L VR6 engine from the USA to South Africa, and build a complete Mk1 Golf show car in a total of 5 days. In Africa. And then drive it 1,000 miles, to a VW South Africa port, where the car will be shipped to Europe!

Jamie's 1993 VW Fox. 16v engine, Jenvey Throttle Bodies, Megasquirt, Handbuilt Coilovers, Borbet Type-Ts.
Featured in Performance VW Magazine.

Jamie's Greenland Polo Project. Bought as a stripped Military Surplus vehicle, it had previously been used by the US Air Force in Thule, Greenland.
Full build thread on

Jamie's Freightliner Sprinter / VW LT35 Project. A used USA spec TDI Sprinter with 360,000 miles.. undergoing a whole bunch of work.
Full build thread on

Jamie's old Polo 1.0L, right hand drive. Bought near Stonehenge in England from the widow of the original and only previous owner, then imported by myself to the USA.
Now sold, it lives in New Jersey.

Jamie's old mk2 Golf GTI, right hand drive. Full Euro spec Golf GTI, with the optional BBS bodykit, red seatbelts, and a classic wheel/height combo.
Now sold, it lives in upstate Pennsylvania.