Free delivery to many shows in the USA!

Orchid Euro has been importing vehicles from Europe to the USA for almost a decade, and has developed a network of resources that can assist you with bringing your vehicle quickly and legally to the United States. We are bonded with the USCBP and TSA credentialed, which allows us to have even greater in-house control with your vehicle.

We are exceedingly proud of the portfolio of vehicles and clients that we have assisted with, and we treat every car with the same top level of respect. Whether it is headed to a museum or your driveway, we are excited and happy to help with your importation process.

We primarily assist with full importation of vehicles that are 25 years old to the USA. This is due to U.S. import regulations covering safety and emissions. Vehicles can be shipped via Ro-Ro (Roll-On, Roll-Off) if they are in reliable drivable condition, and we also offer container shipping in our regularly scheduled private load containers from Europe. A container shipment is most often used for higher value or non-running vehicles, and also allows spare parts to be imported - they cannot be shipped inside a Ro-Ro vehicle.

We offer a flat-rate Ro-Ro service from England, the Netherlands, and Germany. Available ports include:

  • Southhampton, England
  • Liverpool, England
  • Rotterdam/Amsterdamn, Netherlands
  • Emden, Germany

    Our flat-rate importation service for a regular sized passenger vehicle is US $2,600.00. This includes:

  • Ocean transit on a fast 10-12 day service
  • Export paperwork preperation and filings
  • Translations of foreign documents to English
  • NHTSA / DOT Import paperwork filings
  • USA import filings (actual taxes and port fees/inspections are additional, based on 2.5% of the vehicles value, & an average of $200 for port fees).
  • Phsyical retrieval and clearance of vehicle from New York / Maryland terminals
  • Pennsylvania title and VIN verification assistance (PENNDOT charges and local taxes etc are additional)
  • Free technical support via email and phone for registration in your own state (excludes California)
  • Transport of the vehicle to our Pottstown, PA, warehouse, if requested.
  • Collection from local train station if you are traveling in to collect the vehicle from our warehouse.

    Media and Press Articles

    Popular Mechanics Magazine, April 2014 - '11 Cool Cars You Can Finally Buy in the U.S.'.
      "~ Jamie Orr, who runs Orchid Euro in suburban Philadelphia, whose company focuses primarily on European markes. [He has] hard won expertise in the nuances of red tape, both domestic and international."

    Car Stuff Show Podcast, June 2014 - 'Gray-Market Cars'
    • "You may have to cut through some red tape, but if you live in North America (and if you're up for the challenge), some of the hottest European and Japanese cars of the late 1980s and early 1990s are now available as gray-market imports. Why is there a 15-year wait in Canada and a 25-year wait in the U.S.? Tune in to find out." - 'Fantastic Voyage: Onboard the MV Goodwood'
      "While Jamie Orr was loading his Worthersee Treffen-bound Golf Harlequin onto the MV Goodwood, he was offered the opportunity to take a look around the ship."

    Just some of the many cars that we have imported to the USA or Europe:

    Three Volkswagens imported from various locations across Europe, and delivered on a full size car transporter.

    Ford Escort RS2000, LHD, from Wales.

    1991 Mini Cooper, right hand drive, from England:

    BMW 325i E30 Convertible, right hand drive, from England:

    Mk1 Ford Escort, LHD, from a island in Scotland

    1987 Land Rover Defender, ex Military, right hand drive, from England:

    1989 VW Golf Rallye, from England:

    1988 Honda Acty Van, formerly used for TV and Commercial film work

    1984 Land Rover Defender 90

    1990 VW Golf Country 4x4

    1991 VW Golf CL with 19k miles

    VW LT35 Troop Transporter, purchased from the Belgium Military

    A temporary visit Audi RS2

    In April 2016 we completed the restoration of a limited edition 1996 VW Golf Harlequin, which we then shipped to Europe and took to the Nurburgring on the way to the world famous Worthersee show in Austria.

    In Philadelphia

    In Austria

    On the VW display, with Jamie being interviewed on stage

    In Paris